Take Control of Your Wellness: Make Movement Your Medicine

Join Our Free, 10-Day Move Well Challenge

Join Our Free, 10-Day Move Well Challenge

Who We've Worked With:

University at Buffalo • Cincinnati Sports Medicine • Major League Baseball • Major League Softball • World Soccer • National Football League • National Basketball League • US Lacrosse

Our Philosophy

Move Well Buffalo is on a mission to create a positive change in our community by empowering individuals to take control of their wellness through information, strategy and skills.

We work with individuals and organizations that are committed to making themselves better; even if they don’t know the steps to get there.

Whether you are a professional athlete looking to improve your mechanics, a weekend warrior hoping to get back on the field, someone looking for a solution to your pain, or an organization looking to further education and develop your staff; our system is for you.

Move Well. Feel Well. Live Well.

Experience 10 simple movement sequences you can do at home, in less than 5 minutes a day, that help you move and feel better.

Our Latest Videos

Adopt a Performance Mindset

Make progress towards your goals; whether you want to be a better performer at work, at home, or in your sport.

Develop a Daily Movement Practice

Create a lifestyle that provides your body with the movement it needs to add vitality and sustainability, as well as enhances awareness of your body, movement, and mindset.

What People Are Saying

Dominique Riforgiato

I had the opportunity of interning at Move Well Physical Therapy with Doctor Matt Veronica and, there is no place I would feel more comfortable recommending my friends and family, really anyone, to go. They are like an one-stop-shop when it come to bettering yourself,...

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Lauren Sherman

Matt is a fantastic PT in every aspect! He is very knowledgeable in corrective exercises and understanding the individualized needs of whoever he’s working with. Also, Matt is personable and eager to help others reach their best potential! Before my injury I had always been...

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Kris Cruz
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Steven Gedra

Chris is the best, bar none. Extremely thoughtful, kind, and intelligent. He cares very much about the well being of his clients and the results are tremendous. He seriously changed my life.

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Maria Pozantidis

Fabulous, Chris is helping me get stronger to get through my Triathlon Training with out injury!!

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Mike Zielinski

So long story short I’ve had an odd quad pain for two years. Been to back doctors, pt, orthopedists and more pt. Massage therapy, yoga, stretch therapy and a lot of money but nothing helped this.
After my first appointment I could feel...

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Shannon Spencer

I would highly recommend Matt and Chris. Their focus and dedication to their patients is unmatched. I primarily worked with Matt over the past few months in order to gain strength, balance and greater mobility during a difficult recovery from knee surgery. The individualized programming...

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Tristen Chiarmonte

I started coming to Chris Nentarz after starting cross fit and I needed someone that could give me one-on-one manual therapy to manage my symptoms. Chris works through restrictions with my goals in mind and also understands my needs as an athlete. Chris is a...

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Ashley Sigrist Fisgus

The only physical therapist I trust for my athletic injuries/performance and my daughter's injury rehab!

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