Take Control of Your Wellness: Make Movement Your Medicine

Join Our Free, 10-Day Move Well Challenge

Join Our Free, 10-Day Move Well Challenge

Who We've Worked With:

University at Buffalo • Cincinnati Sports Medicine • Major League Baseball • Major League Softball • World Soccer • National Football League • National Basketball League • US Lacrosse

Our Philosophy

Move Well Buffalo is on a mission to create a positive change in our community by empowering individuals to take control of their wellness through information, strategy and skills.

We work with individuals and organizations that are committed to making themselves better; even if they don’t know the steps to get there.

Whether you are a professional athlete looking to improve your mechanics, a weekend warrior hoping to get back on the field, someone looking for a solution to your pain, or an organization looking to further education and develop your staff; our system is for you.

Move Well. Feel Well. Live Well.

Experience 10 simple movement sequences you can do at home, in less than 5 minutes a day, that help you move and feel better.

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Adopt a Performance Mindset

Make progress towards your goals; whether you want to be a better performer at work, at home, or in your sport.

Develop a Daily Movement Practice

Create a lifestyle that provides your body with the movement it needs to add vitality and sustainability, as well as enhances awareness of your body, movement, and mindset.

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Connect with Community

Network with others who share your journey to make the process of movement lifestyle adoption even more enjoyable.