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Move Well Buffalo is a non-insurance based physical therapy practice. What this means is that we can treat our patients in ways that typical physical therapy practices are limited to.

Our therapists work with all of our clients 1 on 1 the entire session, every session. This is a great option for those who don’t like their therapist having 4 or more patients to balance simultaneously. The result that we get from this extra attention is more efficient results; we get a more precise analysis of the situation and we can offer higher quality solutions, like the services listed below.

Your Practitioners

Chris Nentarz

Matt Veronica

Sam Helfer

Areas of Expertise



We use a thorough testing system to determine not only what someone’s injury is, but what imbalances or habits are causing it.


Corrective Exercise (Exercise Prescription)

Using information from the assessment, we select exercises to precisely address the strength, mobility, or skill imbalances found.


Manual Therapy

While many mistakenly believe this to be synonymous to “massage,” manual therapy is an approach where we use numerous different hands-on techniques to loosen up specific muscle tension, increase joint motion, promote healing, and decrease sensitivity. Massage is just one tool in the large toolbox of manual therapy.


Personal Training

You do not have to be injured to work with us! We train and create training programs for those wanting to improve their performance, health, physique, and longevity. This is also a great option for clients no longer requiring therapy but are still looking to make progress or return to their sport.



One of our highest values for everyone we interact with is to leave them more empowered than they have ever been before. We do this 1 on 1 every day, but we also perform workshops, seminars, video series’, etc to spread knowledge. We also help educate future professionals in college classrooms.

Our Process

As a patient of Move Well Buffalo, we assess every client to identify:

  • What is their injury?
  • What is causing the injury?

As a result of each patient assessment we then work through the following process:


We first aim to relieve the threat that your body is under that is causing the injury.


Next we reduce irritation through numerous techniques, often using manual therapy.


We then work to restore proper movement patterns and eliminate compensations that have been leading to the injury.


With these established, we reload the body, training it to be stronger, more durable, and perform better.


 Lastly we recover from that workload to promote continued healing and adaptation. Depending on individual situations, these things might all take place in the same session, or be spread out over the course of time.

Where We Work

Move Well Buffalo provides services:

  • At our partner facilities.
  • On-location (your work, home or location of your choice).
  • Remote (via conference calls/virtual instruction).

Common Questions

Do you accept insurance?

What type of payments do you accept?

How does your process work? How do you figure out what's wrong?

What are your hours?

How long is each appointment?

Do you work with --- problem/injury?

How long will it take to fix my injury?

How often will I need to come to physical therapy?

Do I need to have a doctor's referral?

Are you accepting new clients?